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Магнитогорск и окрестности (ММК, Абзаково, Банное)

A view to the city from the Central Bridge

A Video about the MMK

A video about Magnitogorsk with song in Russian

One more video with song in Russian

The city of Magnitogorsk ( Magnetic Mountain City )- (1), (2), (3) , (4) is located at the edge of the Southern Ural Mountains
in the Chelyabinsk Region (Oblast) of Russia.
The city itself is quite industrialized, being dominated by the massive MMK Steelworks (photo).
In 2002 the MMK and another big plant of Magnitogorsk - (“Magnitogorsk Steel and Wire Works” - MMMZ(rus)) have organized a holding
and in 2003 another big plant with deep metal processing manufacturing - MKZ(rus) has been included in the holding MMK-METIZ as well.
See photos of the complex

Because the Magnitogorsk has been one of the main supplier of armour and steel for the Soviet Army in the World War the II
a munument of worker transfering a sword to a soldier has been placed in the city on a bank of the Ural river .
The start of soldier in Magnitogorsk

A photo from the Space
The history of the MMK at the World War the II (rus)
The finish in Berlin

Because the construction of Magnitogorsk was connected with a great "fusion" of many nations
there was a fusion of different cultures and religions in the city as well.
The main confession here is Orthodoxy, but the Islam has a big deal here too ( photo ).
Another confessions and communities are few in number but Buddhism has his Center in Magnitogorsk. Also there is a Jewish community.
In 2004 a new Christian Orthodox Church has been opened and in 2005 a new Mosque has been opened as well (photo) .
Except trdiditonal holidays the Tatar and Bashkir Sabantuy holiday (see Wikipedia) is very popular in Magnitogorsk (see photos in a paper (rus)).

Though the city is quite industrialized there are many popular recreational areas in the rolling wilderness which begins in Eastern Bashkiria (photo)
The main recreational places are at 40-60km train or car ride from Magnitogorsk. 

The transition from steppe to mountainous wooded areas is laden with a unique mix of aromas and a wide variety of flora and fauna.
The local forests are principally composed of birch, larch, and pine.

The most popular site of rest and recuperation in the summertime is Bannoe Lake, famous for its "jasper banks" (Kusimovo) and for the "Jubilee" complex .
And in the winter it is Abzakovo (with President Putin) ,
which has fairly well kept by ski-lifts and tree-lined slopes of medium difficulty and a season lasting from November until April.

New development projects were completed in connection with the resort including a new highway between Magnitogorsk and Beloretsk (2000),
an aquapark in Abzakovo (2002)
, and a modern ski center at Bannoe Lake (2003).
The new development projects have come together as a united sports complex and health spa for the region.
Winter attractions are different types of skiing and snowboarding.
The summer season offers river rafting (1) (2) ,cave exploration tours (spelunking),horseback riding tours, mountain biking , etc.
New facilities are constantly being added to the already impressive array of regional sports and tourism services (1), (2), (3) , (4) .

Unique fountains 2009 of Magnitogorsk (photos)
Video of fountains in the evening
One more video of the fountains
Photos of the main Sport Center of the Magnitogorsk
Photos of New Year 2010 "ice-town"
Paintings of our Nature by Vladimir Belyi
Photo albums at Ural mountains (rus)
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Photos: L.Ototsky, G.Gusev and G.Bondarenko

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