Ototsky's IT
Information Technologies by Leonid Ototsky
"It is important to realize that informational processes and their evolution in non-living, living and conscious systems
have the common nature and common laws." ( Alexei Sharov )

A Revolution in thinking by Boris Freesman


To commemorate Stafford Beer
To commemorate Julius Schreider by Alexei Sharov
Julius Schreider on the Wikipedia(rus)
A Conference to the 90th birthday of Schreider(rus)
Alexei Sharov's presentation at Conference to Schreider(rus)
Stanislav Sidorov's presentation at Conference to Schreider(rus)
Alexei Sharov about Biosemiotics and Cybernetics
To commemorate Julius Shreider by Vladimir Kagansky (rus)
Sergey Chebanov about July Schreider (rus)
SYNCHO Ltd. activities
Principia Cybernetica Web
The international journal of systems & cybernetics
American Society for Cybernetics
Synergetics by Sergei Kurdyumov
Biosemiotics by Alexei Sharov
Biohermeneutic by Sergei Chebanov
Technetics by Boris Kudrin (rus)

Virtual Realities by Humberto Maturana

Humberto Maturana and Raul Espejo at the Transmediale.08 Conference
Video of Humberto Maturana
Managerial cybernetics by Dan Trietsch
Standard Upper Ontology project (SUO)
Knowledge Modelling by Philippe Martin
The PLIB Ontology by Guy Pierra
The Inquiry Archives on IT foundations by Jon Awbrey
Some IT foundations by John Sowa
Information modelling by Matthew West
Web Intelligence by Mikhail Gorelkin
P2P Foundation
Free Software Foundation by Richard Stallman
The EPISTLE Core Model (ECM)
Laboratory for Applied Ontology by Nicola Guarino heading
Products Data in the Web era by Martin Hepp
IT problems by Nicholas G. Carr
Ontology Portal by John Bateman

Publications of Ototsky
Open Systems Journal
Local copies
Oracle Magazine (rus edition)
Maginfo newspaper (rus)
Internet-Business-Metal Conferences
IT Standards Conference (rus)
Julius Schreider Memorial Conference (rus)
SIM chair of the MIPT (rus/eng)
Economics, Management, Marketing (rus)
The 3rd International Conference on Control Sciences(rus)
A paper in the E-xecutive (rus)
Screen shorts from a Meta-model DB
For the 60th anniversary ot the IT MMK (rus)
For the Round Table in Kiev 2010 (rus)
Publications abroad Russia
References to Ototsky

Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine
ERP Forum on Interface(rus)
ERPselection project (rus)
IT papers on Interface(rus)
Business Engineering Group SPb (rus)
Corporative Management(rus)
Corporative Management on E-xecutive(rus)
IT company Marka(rus)
IT-Менеджмент.ru - все об информационных технологиях в сфере управления
Interface Ltd. Разработка, дистрибуция ПО, обучение, документация, демоверсии.
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